June Life Update: We’re Moving AGAIN

Hi friends! I wanted to write a quick post giving you all a life update for the month of June.. yes I know we’re practically done with the month, but I like the saying, ‘better late than never’. This month has been very busy for me, from working full time, hosting guests every weekend to preparing for our 7+ hour move to Missouri, I’ve had little time and motivation to create. Did you catch that one? Yes, we’re moving to central Missouri at the end of the month and will be living there for the remainder of the year.

Life is crazy at the moment, but I’ve been finding peace by only giving energy to things in my control, while letting the rest happen naturally. This has kept me very level-headed and present, which I’m loving! So, what’s next? Lots of packing, planning, and driving. I recently took my car to be maintained and make sure we’d be all good for my road trip down to MO. I’ve got most of our boxes labelled, so now we just need to fill them. We considered movers, but felt we could do it ourselves and also save lots of $$$. We actually got a quote for over $6,000… which is actually insane for a 7.5 hour move with minimal furniture. I’m super pumped and intrigued for our new place/state. I can’t wait to share with you all!

Enjoy a couple photos of my packing progress.

Do you have any life updates to share? I’d love to hear from you!


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