DIY Valentines Day Garland

This week I’m sharing a quick post about how I created a simple, yet cute DIY garland to hang in our apartment. Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, I am determined to make the best of this silly, yet lovely holiday– at home.

Grab yourself a pair of scissors, a pencil, paper, thick paper or cardboard, paint, twine or cording of choice, and something to hang the cording with.


  • Draw out desired shaped heart(s) on paper. I drew out 3 different styles of hearts.
  • Trace them out on desired backing/surface. I used thin cardboard from an old package.
  • Cut out hearts. Be sure to cut out enough for your garland. Keep spacing and how long/large you want your garland (and hearts) in mind.
  • Paint or color hearts with desired color palette. I mixed a couple of pinks and red.
  • Let them dry, then string on hearts by making hole in each heart. Another option is to hot glue the hearts onto a string of jute/twine (or yearn/string).
  • Hang and enjoy!

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